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CYPHERT, JAMES       Married 1836       ARNOLD, MARY
CYPHERT, JAMES       Married 1839       KING, NANCY
CYPHERT, JANE       Married 1840       OSBORN, JAMES
CYPHERT, JENNIE       Married 1888       HARRISON, HARRY
CYPHERT, JENNY       Married 1903       HARRISON, HARRY
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1798       BERGNER, MARIA
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1905       CLINGER, MARTHA
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1923       FISHER, BESSIE
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1842       HESS, ANNA
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1947       PONTIUS, FLORENCE
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1868       UNKNOWN, STELLA
CYPHERT, JOHN       Married 1842       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYPHERT, JOSEPH       Married 1841       CLINGER, MARY
CYPHERT, JOSEPH       Married 1911       DOLBY, RUTH
CYPHERT, JOSEPH       Married 1828       HUY, HANNAH
CYPHERT, JOSEPH       Married 1910       JOHNSON, ALICE
CYPHERT, JOSEPH       Married 1909       JOHNSON, GERTRUDE
CYPHERT, JULIA       Married 1936       SHAFFER, WARD
CYPHERT, KENNETH       Married 1981       MCCOSBY, ANITA
CYPHERT, LAVINA       Married 1895       ANDERSON, HARRY
CYPHERT, LEO       Married 1900       LYNCH, CHARLOTTE
CYPHERT, LEO       Married 1865       MCDONALD, AGNES
CYPHERT, LEVI       Married 1906       MIX, AUDREY

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