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CYPHERS, KIM       Married 1980       JAMES, DONNA
CYPHERS, KIMBERLIA       Married 1980       HOLMAN, BILLY
CYPHERS, KIMBERLIA       Married 1978       RAMOS, NICOLAS
CYPHERS, LAURA       Married 1936       TOLLE, MARSHALL
CYPHERS, LAVONYA       Married 1994       HOLLIDAY, KEVIN
CYPHERS, LEITHA       Married 1985       SABERALI, JAMAL
CYPHERS, LEOLA       Married 1981       JACKSON, GEORGE
CYPHERS, LEONA       Married 1936       TOLLE, MARSHALL
CYPHERS, LIBERTY       Married 1916       STOUGH, ALAN
CYPHERS, LINDA       Married 1980       CYPHERS, SAMMY
CYPHERS, LINDA       Married 1970       CYPHERS, THOMAS
CYPHERS, LINDA       Married 1977       FIELDER, JOSEPH
CYPHERS, LINDA       Married 1989       FIELDER, JOSEPH
CYPHERS, LINDA       Married 1983       WINTERS, PAUL
CYPHERS, LIZZIE       Married 1902       TRACH, DAVID
CYPHERS, LORA       Married 1903       CLARK, HERBERT
CYPHERS, LORENA       Married 1986       CYPHERS, KIM
CYPHERS, LORI       Married 1981       CANTU, JORGE
CYPHERS, LORI       Married 1990       ERVIN, MAURICE
CYPHERS, LORIANNA       Married 1861       NICHOLS, PELEG
CYPHERS, LOUIS       Married 1904       GABBARD, HATTIE
CYPHERS, LOUIS       Married 1912       GABBARD, HATTIE
CYPHERS, LOUISA       Married 1865       ADKINS, LEANDER

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