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CYPHERS, JAMES       Married 1960       RINEHART, MARTHA
CYPHERS, JANE       Married 1795       CRUME, JESSE
CYPHERS, JANE       Married 1813       PROCTOR, SIMON
CYPHERS, JANE       Married 1834       RIKER, SAMUEL
CYPHERS, JENNIE       Married 1929       HICKS, CHARLES
CYPHERS, JERIMIAH       Married 1883       EVANS, MATILDA
CYPHERS, JERRY       Married 1883       EVANS, MATILDA
CYPHERS, JESSE       Married 1900       NEWHART, ALTA
CYPHERS, JEWEL       Married 1951       MARTIN, WILLIAM
CYPHERS, JILL       Married 1988       CYPHERS, BRUCE
CYPHERS, JILL       Married 2000       LEWIS, RICKY
CYPHERS, JO       Married 1998       VAUGHN, JAMES
CYPHERS, JOANN       Married 1977       CYPHERS, SAMUEL
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1881       BONNELL, SUSAN
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1896       BROADBENT, LILLIAN
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1989       CYPHERS, GAZZIE
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1870       REGNOLD, MARY
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1906       SHANEFELT, EMMA
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1929       TALKINGTON, MYRTLE
CYPHERS, JOHN       Married 1989       THOMAS, GAZZIE
CYPHERS, JOHNNIE       Married 1970       OBRIEN, RODNEY
CYPHERS, JOSEPH       Married 1901       ATWELL, MARY
CYPHERS, JOSEPH       Married 1897       CYPHERS, MARY

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