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CYPHERS, ANN       Married 1834       MIKESELL, DAVID
CYPHERS, ANNA       Married 1832       SOLLARS, PETER
CYPHERS, ANNA       Married 1906       WICKIZER, BERT
CYPHERS, ANNA       Married 1787       WINTER, JOHANNES
CYPHERS, ANNE       Married 1779       MIKESELL, JACOB
CYPHERS, ANNIE       Married 1920       BEAVERS, ROBERT
CYPHERS, ARABELLA       Married 1891       HARLIN, SAMUEL
CYPHERS, ARTHUR       Married 1910       WARD, SUSAN
CYPHERS, ARVIL       Married 1937       LANE, MILDRED
CYPHERS, B       Married 1840       BERRY, MARIA
CYPHERS, BARBARA       Married 1967       DANIELS, BOBBY
CYPHERS, BARBARA       Married 1973       SIRMON, DAVID
CYPHERS, BARBARA       Married 1993       SMITH, LESTER
CYPHERS, BENJAMIN       Married 1832       SLUDER, PATSY
CYPHERS, BERNICE       Married 1969       HARRIS, ORENTHA
CYPHERS, BERNICE       Married 1982       MACK, LARRY
CYPHERS, BERT       Married 1913       MUSICK, HATTIE
CYPHERS, BERTHA       Married 1902       WILSON, FRANK
CYPHERS, BERTIE       Married 1945       LEIBNER, ROBERT
CYPHERS, BERTON       Married 1918       HEATH, MYRA
CYPHERS, BETSY       Married 1805       HOBSON, WILLIAM
CYPHERS, BETTY       Married 1924       BRANHAM, UNKNOWN
CYPHERS, BETTY       Married 1972       CYPHERS, ALBERT
CYPHERS, BEULAH       Married 1910       MCLUCAS, HAROLD

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