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CYPHER, PATRICK       Married 1975       VIVAS, DEBORAH
CYPHER, PETER       Married 1862       SNYDER, MAGDALENA
CYPHER, PETER       Married 1861       SNYDER, MARYLENA
CYPHER, PETER       Married 1895       WAGNER, MARY
CYPHER, PETRUS       Married 1761       MABIE, AFFEE
CYPHER, PETRUS       Married 1786       UNDERHILL, TAMAR
CYPHER, PHILIP       Married 1938       DENNY, HELEN
CYPHER, PHILIP       Married 1842       DENNY, NANCY
CYPHER, RACHEL       Married 1767       BUYS, JACOB
CYPHER, RACHEL       Married 1825       JACOBS, JOHN
CYPHER, RACHEL       Married 1902       RUSSELL, SAMUEL
CYPHER, RALPH       Married 1911       HOLZHAUER, MAY
CYPHER, RAMOND       Married 1935       PERRILL, ESTELLA
CYPHER, ROBERT       Married 1854       FOSTER, SUSAN
CYPHER, SALLIE       Married 1871       TAYLOR, R
CYPHER, SALLIE       Married 1877       TAYLOR, R
CYPHER, SAMUEL       Married 1871       WHEELER, MARY
CYPHER, SARAH       Married 1770       OOSTROM, ANDRIES
CYPHER, SARAH       Married 1770       OOSTROM, OR
CYPHER, SARAH       Married 1852       SHULTZ, GEORGE
CYPHER, SARAH       Married 1861       VANDECAR, SEYMORE
CYPHER, SHARON       Married 1980       CYPHER, JOHN
CYPHER, STEPHEN       Married 1862       DEPEW, MARY
CYPHER, SYLVESTER       Married 1909       ROMAINE, NELLIE

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