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CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1910       G, MYRA
CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1875       HELMICK, ELLA
CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1951       KEARNEY, MARY
CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1862       KEMP, HARRIET
CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1867       KEMP, HARRIET
CYPHER, GEORGE       Married 1891       MARTIN, AMELIA
CYPHER, GERTRUDE       Married 1928       TRAVIS, CHARLES
CYPHER, GLENN       Married 1928       BAIR, GRACE
CYPHER, GRANT       Married 1896       CHAPMAN, MINNIE
CYPHER, HANNAH       Married 1822       GALLAGHER, PETER
CYPHER, HANNAH       Married 1797       GREGORY, BENJAMIN
CYPHER, HARRIET       Married 1945       MARCH, VIRGIL
CYPHER, HARRISON       Married 1935       HAWKS, FLORENCE
CYPHER, HARRISON       Married 1943       ROBINS, DOROTHY
CYPHER, HATTIE       Married 1908       FAFFLEY, FRED
CYPHER, HAZEL       Married 1922       SEE, EARLE
CYPHER, HELEN       Married 1978       POMIKAL, BEN
CYPHER, HENRY       Married 1966       CYPHER, LINDA
CYPHER, HENRY       Married 1889       MATTHEWS, EMILY
CYPHER, HENRY       Married 1907       MONGER, ISABELLA
CYPHER, HENRY       Married 1863       NOXON, MARIA
CYPHER, HERBERT       Married 1902       WILKINS, MARY
CYPHER, JACOB       Married 1784       ACKER, RACHEL
CYPHER, JACOB       Married 1878       BOWERS, ALICE

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