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CYPHER, JULIE       Married 1998       GAZELAS, DIMITRI
CYPHER, JULIE       Married 1987       PHILLIPS, LOU
CYPHER, KATHLEEN       Married 1984       KELLY, ROBERT
CYPHER, LALLA       Married 1878       LITTLE, FRANCIS
CYPHER, LEWIS       Married 1985       CYPHER, CECELIA
CYPHER, LEWIS       Married 1985       GONZALES, CECILLIA
CYPHER, LEWIS       Married 1979       HADLEY, ZOLA
CYPHER, LILLIAN       Married 1894       CLAPP, GEORGE
CYPHER, LILLIAN       Married 1911       SNYDER, WILLIAM
CYPHER, LINDA       Married 1966       CYPHER, HENRY
CYPHER, LODEWICK       Married 1811       FREAR, MARIA
CYPHER, LODEWICK       Married 1811       FREER, MARIA
CYPHER, LODOWICK       Married 1811       FREER, MARIA
CYPHER, LODOWYCK       Married 1770       TOMKINS, SARA
CYPHER, LORI       Married 1980       CYPHER, GEORGE
CYPHER, LORIN       Married 1980       BACH, LINDA
CYPHER, LUCY       Married 1864       REED, LEVI
CYPHER, LULU       Married 1924       GRUBB, EARL
CYPHER, LYNELDA       Married 1984       CYPHER, TERRY
CYPHER, MARGRIET       Married 1764       MIDDELAAR, ARIS
CYPHER, MARION       Married 1856       CORN, HANNAH
CYPHER, MARTHA       Married 1925       MILLIRON, ELMER
CYPHER, MARY       Married 1941       GIESLER, ORVILLE

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