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CYPERT, ROBERT       Married 1874       STRIBLING, MARY
CYPERT, ROBERT       Married 1776       UNKNOWN, ISABELLA
CYPERT, ROBERT       Married 1837       UNKNOWN, MARY
CYPERT, ROBERT       Married 1988       WRIGHT, KELLI
CYPERT, ROBERT       Married 1872       YOUNGBLOOD, LYDIA
CYPERT, ROGER       Married 1974       TUCKER, RHONDA
CYPERT, ROGERS       Married 1969       CYPERT, RUTH
CYPERT, ROGERS       Married 1969       OSBORNE, RUTH
CYPERT, RONALD       Married 1985       DAVIDSON, MALISSA
CYPERT, RONALD       Married 1987       OTTS, JEANETTE
CYPERT, ROSCO       Married 1902       LAY, EMELINE
CYPERT, ROSCOE       Married 1902       LAY, EMOLINE
CYPERT, ROSE       Married 1932       TUCKER, ROY
CYPERT, ROXIE       Married 1974       CHILTON, CHARLES
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1977       COMPTON, PATRICIA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1981       CYPERT, CELINDA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1958       CYPERT, LARHEASA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1979       CYPERT, MARYLON
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1977       CYPERT, PATRICIA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1981       LEPPO, CELINDA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1978       SHORT, LARHEASE
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1958       SHORT, LARHESA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1994       TRIMBLE, DEBRA
CYPERT, ROY       Married 1979       WILLINGHAM, MARYLON

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