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CYPERT, LEASA       Married 1992       SPENCER, STEVEN
CYPERT, LELIA       Married 1881       WILLIAMS, JAMES
CYPERT, LEONA       Married 1891       WEBSTER, WILSON
CYPERT, LEONIDAS       Married 1868       HENRY, MARTHA
CYPERT, LESLIE       Married 1987       CYPERT, JOSEPH
CYPERT, LEVI       Married 1885       HARDIN, LUCILLE
CYPERT, LEVI       Married 1886       HARDY, LUCY
CYPERT, LIDIA       Married 1894       FITZERRALD, LINZY
CYPERT, LIDIA       Married 1894       FITZGERALD, LINZY
CYPERT, LILBOURNE       Married 1941       BROWN, THELMA
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1982       BURROW, GARY
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1991       GALLANT, EDWARD
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1985       JOHNSON, JOHN
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1996       JONES, LARRY
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1975       PARKS, HAROLD
CYPERT, LINDA       Married 1969       THOMAS, DANIEL
CYPERT, LIZZIE       Married 1886       CYPERT, THOMAS
CYPERT, LOIS       Married 1946       KISSENGER, FRANK
CYPERT, LONNY       Married 1984       CYPERT, DANA
CYPERT, LONNY       Married 1997       FLANIGAN, MARY
CYPERT, LONNY       Married 1984       HAMNER, DANA
CYPERT, LONZO       Married 1894       CYPERT, RHONDA
CYPERT, LORENZO       Married 1904       STOCKTON, SARAH

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