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CYPERT, JOSEPH       Married 1975       CYPERT, CATHERINE
CYPERT, JOSEPH       Married 1987       CYPERT, LESLIE
CYPERT, JOSEPH       Married 1879       ROSE, DORA
CYPERT, JOSEPH       Married 1975       SUTTON, CATHERINE
CYPERT, JOYCE       Married 1966       MILLER, GARY
CYPERT, JUANITA       Married 1932       EUDY, DAN
CYPERT, KAREN       Married 1975       ASH, ALMUS
CYPERT, KAREN       Married 1982       CYPERT, JASON
CYPERT, KAREN       Married 1974       CYPERT, ROBERT
CYPERT, KAREN       Married 1970       STEPHENS, JACKIE
CYPERT, KARLA       Married 1999       GUTIERREZ, DAVID
CYPERT, KARLA       Married 1993       JONES, RICHARD
CYPERT, KATHY       Married 1986       CYPERT, LANNY
CYPERT, KATIE       Married 1934       CYPERT, WALTER
CYPERT, KATIE       Married 1900       WILSON, JOHN
CYPERT, KELLI       Married 1988       CYPERT, ROBERT
CYPERT, KELLY       Married 1994       GONZALES, JOE
CYPERT, KEN       Married 1983       FERGUSON, MARY
CYPERT, KEVIN       Married 1990       HALL, ANGELA
CYPERT, KIMBERLY       Married 1988       CYPERT, JEFFREY
CYPERT, L       Married 1891       JACKSON, VEO      
CYPERT, LANNY       Married 1986       CYPERT, KATHY
CYPERT, LANNY       Married 1980       CYPERT, PATRICIA
CYPERT, LANNY       Married 1980       SNOW, PATRICIA

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