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CYPERT, JASON       Married 1982       CYPERT, KAREN
CYPERT, JASON       Married 1994       MCKINZIE, BRENDA
CYPERT, JEANNESSA       Married 1990       BERRY, MICHAEL
CYPERT, JEANNESSA       Married 1982       GREEN, THROYA
CYPERT, JEFF       Married 1922       TETERS, DOROTHY
CYPERT, JEFFREY       Married 1988       CYPERT, KIMBERLY
CYPERT, JEFFREY       Married 1988       LINDSEY, NANCYE
CYPERT, JEFFREY       Married 1997       WILLIAMS, ELLEN
CYPERT, JENNIFER       Married 2000       MCCORMICK, ERICK
CYPERT, JENNIFER       Married 1998       RAGLAND, ROBERT
CYPERT, JERESEY       Married 1937       MARTIN, WILLIAM
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1974       BELT, CAROLYN
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1980       CORDOVA, GENEVA
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1974       CYPERT, CAROLYN
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1966       CYPERT, CHERYL
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1980       CYPERT, GENEVA
CYPERT, JERRY       Married 1966       IRWIN, CHERYL
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1860       CORLEY, VIOLET
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1855       CROW, SARAH
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1831       HORTON, ELIZABETH
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1832       HORTON, ELIZABETH
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1833       HORTON, ELIZABETH
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1974       HUGHES, MARY
CYPERT, JESSE       Married 1856       KERLEY, VIOLET

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