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CYPERT, HOYT       Married 1920       ARMSTRONG, MAUDIE
CYPERT, IDA       Married 1892       BREWER, WILEY
CYPERT, ILA       Married 1938       ROLIN, CLARENCE
CYPERT, INA       Married 1973       JAMES, RICKEY
CYPERT, INEZ       Married 1914       LONELY, MILTON
CYPERT, INEZ       Married 1914       LONEY, MILTON
CYPERT, ISABELLA       Married 1775       CYPERT, ROBERT
CYPERT, ISABELLA       Married 1861       WYNN, JOHN
CYPERT, ISBELLA       Married 1815       SHULL, PHILLIP
CYPERT, ISHAM       Married 1871       SHIELDS, VIRGINIA
CYPERT, ISHAM       Married 1872       SHIELDS, VIRGINIA
CYPERT, IVY       Married 1914       STOVALL, CLARA
CYPERT, J       Married 1904       TREECE, MARTHA
CYPERT, JACKIE       Married 1977       GROOM, MARVELLA
CYPERT, JACOB       Married 1869       MERRIAM, MARY
CYPERT, JACOB       Married 1870       MERRIMAN, ELIZABETH
CYPERT, JACOB       Married 1865       UNKNOWN, MARY
CYPERT, JACQUELINE       Married 1952       CYPERT, JAMES
CYPERT, JACY       Married 2000       WEST, BRADLEY
CYPERT, JAMES       Married 1985       ALVEY, BETTY
CYPERT, JAMES       Married 1883       BARNETT, JULIA
CYPERT, JAMES       Married 1910       BEAMON, ISABEL
CYPERT, JAMES       Married 1971       BLUNTZER, KATHRYN
CYPERT, JAMES       Married 1851       BROWN, ELIZA

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