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CYPERT, GERALD       Married 1978       PRICKETT, DONNA
CYPERT, GERALD       Married 1984       STRATTON, NINA
CYPERT, GERALD       Married 1968       THOMERSON, BARBARA
CYPERT, GORDON       Married 1963       CYPERT, DIANE
CYPERT, GORDON       Married 1980       MOORE, LINDA
CYPERT, GRACE       Married 1919       MITCHELL, WILLIAM
CYPERT, GREGORY       Married 1991       MOCK, CHERYL
CYPERT, HANNAH       Married 1839       GRAY, JOHN
CYPERT, HANNAH       Married 1840       GRAY, JOHN
CYPERT, HANNAH       Married 1842       GRAY, JOHN
CYPERT, HANNAH       Married 1847       GRAY, JOHN
CYPERT, HARDY       Married 1826       DONALSON, ANN
CYPERT, HARRIET       Married 1923       ROW, JE
CYPERT, HAZEL       Married 1915       SPRINGER, OWEN
CYPERT, HELEN       Married 1938       ALMOND, PHILIP
CYPERT, HELEN       Married 1849       WILSON, LEVI
CYPERT, HENRIETTA       Married 1871       LACK, JOHN
CYPERT, HENRIETTA       Married 1878       LACK, WILLIAM
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1852       CYPERT, NANCY
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1968       HALL, JACQUI
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1946       NORMAN, GUILA
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1877       OSBORN, MARGARET
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1884       OSBORN, MARGARET
CYPERT, HENRY       Married 1885       OSBORN, MARGARET

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