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CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1984       FREEMAN, HORACE
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1994       JONES, KENNITH
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1971       MALONE, WILLIAM
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1993       NEWTON, GARY
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1975       PICKETT, GARY
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1997       SILVERTOOTH, EUGENE
CYPERT, DONNA       Married 1972       SMITH, PHILIP
CYPERT, DONNIE       Married 1927       DAY, ROBERT
CYPERT, DORIS       Married 1939       O'NEAL, GRANT
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1968       CYPERT, MARY
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1969       CYPERT, MARY
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1971       CYPERT, RUTH
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1974       HARRISON, MARTHA
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1976       HARRISON, MARTHA
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1971       OSBORNE, RUTH
CYPERT, DOUGLAS       Married 1968       SKUCA, MARY
CYPERT, EARL       Married 1958       RUTH, UNKNOWN
CYPERT, EARL       Married 1958       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYPERT, EDDIE       Married 1968       YEATTS, BRENDA
CYPERT, EDITH       Married 1979       GUGENHEIM, ALBERT
CYPERT, EDITH       Married 1943       MAGNUSON, JAMES
CYPERT, EDWIN       Married 1899       CYPERT, VIRGIE
CYPERT, EDWIN       Married 1896       MOSER, VIRGIE
CYPERT, ELAINE       Married 1925       DAVIS, DON

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