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CYRUS, ROSWELL       Married 1869       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYRUS, ROSWELL       Married 1894       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYRUS, ROY       Married 1928       BRIGHTWELL, LULA
CYRUS, ROY       Married 1925       DURBIN, VIVIAN
CYRUS, ROY       Married 1908       MEIER, LYDIA
CYRUS, ROY       Married 1927       SHADRICK, RESSIE
CYRUS, RUBY       Married 1912       WILSON, WALTER
CYRUS, RUSSEL       Married 1934       SCHMID, FRIEDA
CYRUS, RUTH       Married 1893       VINCENT, HARRY
CYRUS, RUTHA       Married 1978       HAMLETT, JIMMY
CYRUS, RUTHE       Married 1966       ALLEN, ROBERT
CYRUS, RUTHIE       Married 1998       JONES, BOBBY
CYRUS, SALINA       Married 1869       THACKER, LUKE
CYRUS, SALINA       Married 1869       THACKER, ST
CYRUS, SALINA       Married 1869       THACKER, ST LUKE
CYRUS, SALOME       Married 1869       THACKER, LUKE
CYRUS, SAMUEL       Married 1883       BOOTH, FAIRY
CYRUS, SAMUEL       Married 1889       BROOMFIELD, ALICE
CYRUS, SAMUEL       Married 1810       CYRUS, MRS
CYRUS, SAMUEL       Married 1868       LAKIN, MARGARET
CYRUS, SANDRA       Married 1980       BOYD, GARY
CYRUS, SANDRA       Married 1994       THOMPSON, THOMAS
CYRUS, SARA       Married 1889       BORDERS, HENRY

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