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CYRUS, NIMROD       Married 1803       FRANCES, UNKNOWN
CYRUS, NIMROD       Married 1786       UNKNOWN, FRANCES
CYRUS, NIMROD       Married 1786       WIFE, FRANCES
CYRUS, NINA       Married 1934       BLANKENSHIP, HENRY
CYRUS, NORMAN       Married 1944       KLEINPETER, BEVERLY
CYRUS, O       Married 1913       HIX, EMMA
CYRUS, OCIE       Married 1980       STEVENSON, RUBY
CYRUS, OCTAVIA       Married 1993       FLOWERS, LENTON
CYRUS, OLA       Married 1942       NEWMAN, VIRGIL
CYRUS, OLIVER       Married 1891       BRUMFIELD, IONA
CYRUS, OLVA       Married 1943       FERGUSON, RUSELL
CYRUS, OLVA       Married 1943       FERGUSON, RUSSELL
CYRUS, OMAR       Married 1900       PECK, HATTIE
CYRUS, ORVILLE       Married 1926       JEANNOTTE, ADELE
CYRUS, OSCAR       Married 1896       MOSIER, MARGARET
CYRUS, P       Married 1892       SAVAGE, JENNIE
CYRUS, PAMELA       Married 1983       THOMAS, CLARENCE
CYRUS, PAUL       Married 1947       BUMGARDNER, ANNA
CYRUS, PAULINE       Married 1973       CYRUS, AMOS
CYRUS, PEGGIE       Married 1982       CYRUS, MARK
CYRUS, PERRY       Married 1893       DROWN, LEAH
CYRUS, PHEBE       Married 1799       HAZLETT, ALEXANDER
CYRUS, PHOEBE       Married 1858       CANTERBURY, JOEL
CYRUS, PHOEBE       Married 1799       HAZELETT, ALEXANDER

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