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CYRUS, LESLIE       Married 1946       DEVINEY, OLIVE
CYRUS, LESTER       Married 1985       CYRUS, SUSAN
CYRUS, LETTYE       Married 1913       STADLER, CHARLES
CYRUS, LEWIS       Married 1878       ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH
CYRUS, LILLAND       Married 1992       BENNETT, ANNIE
CYRUS, LILLARD       Married 1978       CYRUS, ANNIE
CYRUS, LILLARD       Married 1979       KIMBLE, ANNIE
CYRUS, LILLARD       Married 1984       RUFF, WILMA
CYRUS, LINDA       Married 1973       MCDONALD, RONALD
CYRUS, LINDSEY       Married 1916       HAY, VERLINA
CYRUS, LINDSEY       Married 1915       MCSORLEY, JULIA
CYRUS, LINDSEY       Married 1887       UNKNOWN, MARGARET
CYRUS, LINSA       Married 1887       MURPHY, MARGARET
CYRUS, LINZY       Married 1920       DOUGLAS, CHARLOTTE
CYRUS, LINZY       Married 1915       MCSORLEY, JULIA
CYRUS, LISA       Married 1986       CYRUS, MARTY
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1931       CLARK, OUSLEY
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1927       GIBSON, FLOSSIE
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1931       GINGREY, LIVING
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1935       LOE, LIVING
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1935       MOORE, LIVING
CYRUS, LIVING       Married 1921       WHITE, WALTER
CYRUS, LLOYD       Married 1930       BABER, RUTH

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