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CYR, MAXINE       Married 1958       MARTIN, HERBERT
CYR, MAXINE       Married 1951       MELENDREZ, WAYNE
CYR, MAXINE       Married 1983       PELLETIER, JOSEPH
CYR, MAY       Married 1951       BOLDUC, JREAL      
CYR, MAY       Married 1920       CYR, PAUL
CYR, MAY       Married 1931       LOUBERT, LEON      
CYR, MAY       Married 1919       PACKARD, ROY      
CYR, MAY       Married 1914       TERRELL, CHESTER
CYR, MAY       Married 1923       THERIAULT, EDMUND
CYR, MAY       Married 1923       THERRIAULT, EDMOND
CYR, MAY       Married 1923       THERRIAULT, EDMUND
CYR, MAY       Married 1921       WEDDING, ACIE      
CYR, MAYBELLE       Married 1958       CYR, ALFRED
CYR, MEDE       Married 1899       LEVEQUE, VITAL
CYR, MEDEE       Married 1869       ALBERT, SALOMON
CYR, MEDLEY       Married 1919       BEAUPRE, SOPHIE
CYR, MEDORA       Married 1918       PAQUETTE, LOUIS
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1993       BABB, SCOTT
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1877       CHAMPAGNE, FRANCOIS
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1857       GAUDET, JOSEPH
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1867       GRANGER, MOISE
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1917       HACHEY, ARTHUR
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1900       MAZEROLLE, BELONI
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1900       MAZZEROLLE, BELONI

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