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CYR, MATTHEW       Married 1990       BROCHU, AIMEE
CYR, MATTHEW       Married 1995       CYR, KIM      
CYR, MATTHEW       Married 1983       HEWS, LORENE
CYR, MATTHEW       Married 1991       MATA, CHRISTINE
CYR, MATTHEW       Married 1986       ROWELL, KIM
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1908       CALLAGHAN, REGINALD
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1908       CALLAHAN, REGINALD
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1932       FOLSOM, LUCIUS
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1936       HAWKES, ARTHUR
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1944       RAYMOND, SAM
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1934       SAMSON, EMERY
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1930       SIROIS, WILFRID
CYR, MATTIE       Married 1932       THIBODEAU, ROMEO
CYR, MAUD       Married 1918       CARR, FREDERICK
CYR, MAUD       Married 1899       THAYER, JAMES
CYR, MAUDINE       Married 1942       LARSEN, WAYNE
CYR, MAUREEN       Married 1983       WALTZ, DAVID
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1929       BELLEFLEUR, SARAH
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1952       BOUCHER, FERNANDE
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1986       BOUTELLE, WENDY
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1965       CHUBBUCK, MARGARET
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1958       CYR, THERESE
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1993       GILBERT, MICHELLE
CYR, MAURICE       Married 1946       GOUGER, ISABELLE

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