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CYR, MARK       Married 1978       WATERS, BETH      
CYR, MARLANA       Married 1987       CYR, RICHARD
CYR, MARSHA       Married 1982       MORNEAULT, MICHAEL
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1940       BOUCHARD, PEARLY
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1932       COTE, JEROME
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1914       CYR, JOHNNY
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1939       DAIGLE, ALBERT
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1926       GENEST, LOUIS
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1919       GUIMOND, JOSEPH
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1980       LEGROW, ROBERT
CYR, MARTHA       Married 1936       PIPER, MARSHALL
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1911       BOURGOIN, CHARLES
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1911       BOURGOUIN, CHARLES
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1920       DELANEY, HENRI
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1911       HEROUX, CLEOPHAS
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1916       MARTIN, VITAL
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1923       MCCORMACK, NORMAN
CYR, MARTHE       Married 1860       MICHAUD, BASILE
CYR, MARTIN       Married 1964       CYR, SANDRA
CYR, MARTIN       Married 1958       MICHAUD, JOAN
CYR, MARTIN       Married 1954       RICHARD, PAULINE
CYR, MARTINE       Married 1940       ASHTON, JR
CYR, MARY       Married 1924       ALBERT, LEVITE
CYR, MARY       Married 1921       ALHEIM, JOHN      

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