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CYR, YVONNE       Married 1984       PARENT, WILLIAM
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1937       PROULX, JOSEPH
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1944       RAYMOND, SIMON
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1926       ROSSIGNAL, LÉO
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1926       ROSSIGNOL, LEO
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1926       SIROIS, EDDIE
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1926       SIROIS, EDOUARD
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1923       THIBODEAU, LEO
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1917       VIOLETTE, LUDGER
CYR, YVONNE       Married 1960       WALLS, CLIFFORD
CYR, YVONNETTE       Married 1952       PELLETIER, ENOIL
CYR, ZELIA       Married 1935       GARDNER, ROMEO
CYR, ZELIE       Married 1931       COOK, KENNITH
CYR, ZELINE       Married 1916       FOURNIER, FRED
CYR, ZEPHIRIN       Married 1883       AYOTTE, MARIE
CYR, ZEPHIRIN       Married 1854       CLOUTIER, HELENE
CYR, ZEPHIRIN       Married 1842       DAIGLE, MODESTE
CYR, ZEPHIRIN       Married 1897       DUBE, ANNA
CYR, ZEPHRIN       Married 1841       NADEAU, HENRIETTE
CYR, ZEPHRYN       Married 1854       BOURGEOIS, PHILOMENE
CYR, ZITHA       Married 1892       RYAN, JEAN
CYR, ZITHE       Married 1875       ALBERT, FRANCOIS
CYR, ZITHE       Married 1843       CYR, ELOI      
CYR, ZITHE       Married 1905       DOUCETTE, ELOI

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