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CYRE, MARIE       Married 1755       BABIN, AMBROISE
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1758       BOURGEOIS, JEAN
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1760       CHARTRAND, PIERRE
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1804       HEBERT, JACQUES
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1827       LAMOUREUX, JULIEN
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1796       MICHAUD, JOSEPH
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1788       NOLLET, LAURENT
CYRE, MARIE       Married 1879       ROY, PHILIPPE
CYRE, MARY       Married 1878       BENOIT, HENRY
CYRE, MARY       Married 1878       BENOÎT, HENRY
CYRE, MATILDA       Married 1832       GOODE, JOSHUA
CYRE, MATILDA       Married 1848       GOODE, JOSHUA
CYRE, MATILDA       Married 1862       GOODE, JOSHUA
CYRE, OCTAVIE       Married 1876       HAMEL, EUSEBE
CYRE, PARALA       Married 1866       LANGFORD, JOHN
CYRE, PHILOMEN       Married 1878       BENOIT, HENRY
CYRE, PIERRE       Married 1701       CORMIER, CLAIRE
CYRE, PIERRE       Married 1740       HEBERT, MARGUERITE
CYRE, PIERRE       Married 1734       POIRIER, MADELEINE
CYRE, PIERRE       Married 1763       PROVENCAL, MARIE
CYRE, ROSE       Married 1877       BESSETTE, ALPHONSE
CYRE, ROSE OCITE       Married 1764       HEBERT, JEAN
CYRE, THOMAS       Married 1839       RUNYON, ELIZABETH

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