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CYRE, GEORGE       Married 1875       NANCE, JAMES
CYRE, GUILLAUME       Married 1708       BOURG, MARGUERITE
CYRE, JEAN       Married 1766       ARPIN, MARGUERITE
CYRE, JEAN       Married 1766       ARPIN, MARIE
CYRE, JEHAN       Married 1698       MELANSON, FRANCOISE
CYRE, JOHN       Married 1870       DURHAM, CICELY
CYRE, JOHN       Married 1855       HURT, CAROLINE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1878       ASSELIN, NATHALIE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1764       GAUDET, MADELEINE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1879       GRAVEL, MATHILDE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1760       HEBERT, MARIE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1832       MATHIEU, EUPHROSINE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1856       PONTON, ADELAIDE
CYRE, JOSEPH       Married 1856       PONTON, ADÉLAÏDE
CYRE, JOSEPHINE       Married 1896       RHEAULT, HECTOR
CYRE, JOSEPHTE       Married 1755       OUIMET, JACQUES
CYRE, JULIE       Married 1850       BESSETTE, NARCISSE
CYRE, LOUIS       Married 1739       CORMIER, MARIE
CYRE, LOUIS       Married 1712       MICHEL, MARIE
CYRE, MALVENCE       Married 1874       HAMEL, FRANCOIS
CYRE, MARCELLINE       Married 1851       GODIN, CHARLES
CYRE, MARGUERITE       Married 1721       CORMIER, PIERRE
CYRE, MARGUERITE       Married 1823       PARE, AMBROISE

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