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CYR, MAISIE       Married 1918       PINETTE, FRANCIS
CYR, MALCOLM       Married 1917       CYR, MARIE HELENE
CYR, MALCOLM       Married 1945       WHITMORE, BEARTICK
CYR, MALCOM       Married 1917       CYR, MARIE      
CYR, MALVENCE       Married 1874       HAMEL, FRANCOIS
CYR, MALVENCE       Married 1874       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1879       DAIGLE, UBALD
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1889       FRANCOEUR, JEAN
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1919       LEVESQUE, ANDRE
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1906       MORISSETTE, WILFRID
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1854       PARANT, JEAN
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1831       PARENT, JEAN
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1854       PARENT, JEAN
CYR, MALVINA       Married 1905       PLOUFFE, CHARLES
CYR, MAMIE       Married 1929       BARRIEAULT, AIME
CYR, MAMIE       Married 1938       CYR, ARMAND      
CYR, MANCE       Married 1963       THAUVETTE, JACQUES
CYR, MARC       Married 1891       DAIGLE, CHRISTIE
CYR, MARC       Married 1979       GROTTON, JACQUELYN
CYR, MARC       Married 1925       LAMB, VIOLET      
CYR, MARC       Married 1990       LASKO, BRENDA
CYR, MARC       Married 1983       MARTEL, CATHY
CYR, MARC       Married 1979       ROY, THERESA      
CYR, MARC       Married 1896       RUEST, ADELINA

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