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CYR, WAYNE       Married 1989       BROOKS, DAWN
CYR, WAYNE       Married 1992       BROWN, CORINNA
CYR, WAYNE       Married 1965       PUGLIA, MARION
CYR, WAYNE       Married 1992       SCHLEIGH, KIMBERLY
CYR, WAYNE       Married 1981       TWEEDIE, LYNN
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1908       ALBERT, NATHALIE
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1926       CYR, AGNES
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1924       LALIBERTE, DELVINA
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1924       LALIBERTÉ, DELVINA
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1894       MARQUIS, MARIE
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1928       MARQUIS, MARIE
CYR, WELLIE       Married 1910       THIBODEAU, JULIE
CYR, WELLINGTON       Married 1941       NELSON, WILLOW
CYR, WILBROD       Married 1942       BACHAND, VALENTIA
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1917       BISHOP, CECILE
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1947       BOCKMAN, NELLIE
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1976       BOULANGER, BETTY
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1951       BRACKETT, JEAN
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1977       CYR, JOYCE
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1906       CYR, MELVINA
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1952       DEAN, HELEN
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1924       DECHAINE, CATHERINE
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1924       DESCHAINE, CATHERINE
CYR, WILFRED       Married 1947       DOUCETTE, NELLIE

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