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CYR, THOMAS       Married 1965       SCHURMAN, NANCY
CYR, THOMAS       Married 1943       SIROIS, BERNADETTE
CYR, THOMAS       Married 1905       SIROIS, BLANCHE
CYR, THOMAS       Married 1882       ST PIERRE, ANGELE
CYR, THOMAS       Married 1956       THOMPSON, SANDRA
CYR, THOMAS       Married 1981       TRIMM, TRACY
CYR, THOTISTE       Married 1772       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, THURZA       Married 1869       JOYAL, OLIVIER
CYR, THYRZA       Married 1869       JOYAL, OLIVIER
CYR, THÂEODORE       Married 1903       SAINDON, MALVINA
CYR, THÂERÁESE       Married 1800       GAREAU, LOUIS
CYR, THÉODORE       Married 1837       LANDRY, CLARISSE
CYR, THÉODORE       Married 1855       NADEAU, DELINA
CYR, THÉODORE       Married 1903       SAINDON, MALVINA
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1909       BOUCHARD, MARIE
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1878       CLAVETTE, SOPHIE
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1913       DAIGLE, ANASTASIE
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1893       DUFOUR, EDITH
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1859       MARTIN, MODESTE
CYR, THÉODULE       Married 1892       VOISINE, FLAVIE
CYR, THÉOPHILE       Married 1889       GRENIER, M
CYR, THÉOTISTE       Married 1855       CYR, ANTOINE
CYR, THÉOTISTE       Married 1790       DAIGLE, JOSEPH MARIE

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