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CYR, VIRGINIA       Married 1909       BARIL, JEAN
CYR, VIRGINIA       Married 1929       EADY, LAWRENCE
CYR, VIRGINIA       Married 1932       HEBERT, AMOS
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1848       AUDET, JULIEN
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1848       BABIN, CHARLES
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1909       BERNARD, ISAAC
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1907       BOUCHARD, JEAN
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1907       BOUCHARD, JOSEPH
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1911       DUBE, EDMOND
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1911       DUBÉ, EDMOND
CYR, VIRGINIE       Married 1883       HOULE, STANISIAS
CYR, VIRTAL       Married 1913       OUELLETTE, ANNE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1883       AYOTTE, CELINA
CYR, VITAL       Married 1883       BEAULIEU, NATHALIE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1907       BEMIER, FELICITE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1907       BERNIER, FELICITE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1857       CARRIER, MARCELLINE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1857       CARRIÈRE, MARCELLINE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1919       CYR, ELISE      
CYR, VITAL       Married 1875       CYR, FEBRONIE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1870       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1875       CYR, FÉBRONIE
CYR, VITAL       Married 1919       CYR, LIZZIE      
CYR, VITAL       Married 1854       CYR, MARIE      

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