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CYR, VALERIEN       Married 1881       HEBERT, EDITH
CYR, VANCE       Married 1996       ADAMS, LISA      
CYR, VANCE       Married 1988       SIDELINGER, VALERIE
CYR, VARISTE       Married 1894       THIBODEAU, HELENE
CYR, VARNILLE       Married 1840       ALBERT, FRANCOIS
CYR, VARVILLE       Married 1840       ALBERT, FRANCIS
CYR, VARVILLE       Married 1840       ALBERT, FRANCOIS
CYR, VARVILLE       Married 1840       ALBERT, XAVIER
CYR, VARVILLE       Married 1842       MERCURE, NAZAIRE
CYR, VELMA       Married 1953       DESCHAINE, HECTOR
CYR, VELMA       Married 1958       DUFOUR, ONESIME
CYR, VELMA       Married 1942       PAGE, DONALD
CYR, VENERANDE       Married 1842       HEBERT, JOSEPH
CYR, VERL       Married 1923       BUTWELL, JOHN
CYR, VERMA       Married 1934       RUSSELL, MARCUS
CYR, VERNA       Married 1962       CHASSE, CLARENCE
CYR, VERNA       Married 1954       CYR, LEON      
CYR, VERNA       Married 1964       GAGNON, DONALD
CYR, VERNA       Married 1959       LAUSIER, MAURICE
CYR, VERNA       Married 1984       TOMKINSON, KENNETH
CYR, VERNLEY       Married 1994       COLARD, JAKALINE
CYR, VERNON       Married 1948       BOSSE, DORIS
CYR, VERONICA       Married 1752       HEBERT, JEAN
CYR, VERONIQUE       Married 1961       DUBE, HAROLD

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