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CYR, TERESA       Married 1988       EATON, DALE
CYR, TERESA       Married 1981       ROGAN, TERRANCE
CYR, TERRY       Married 1982       CARON, HAROLD
CYR, TERRY       Married 1990       TALCIK, JACQUELINE
CYR, TESSA       Married 1928       LEBLANC, LEONARD
CYR, THADDEE       Married 1863       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, THADDEE       Married 1890       LIZOTTE, FLAVIE
CYR, THADDEE       Married 1918       SOUCY, ANNA
CYR, THADDÉE       Married 1890       LIZOTTE, FLAVIE
CYR, THADDÉE       Married 1918       SOUCY, ANNA
CYR, THALIE       Married 1897       DAIGLE, REGISTE
CYR, THALIE       Married 1856       MOREAU, BRUNO
CYR, THALIE       Married 1872       MORIN, PHILIPPE
CYR, THALIE       Married 1913       MORIN, PHILLIPPE
CYR, THARSILE       Married 1837       ROUSSEAU, LOUIS
CYR, THECLE       Married 1908       LAISSE, SABA
CYR, THELMA       Married 1952       KEEZER, LESLIE
CYR, THEO       Married 1963       HEBERT, RINA      
CYR, THEODORE       Married 1896       BERTRAND, ADA
CYR, THEODORE       Married 1956       BOUCHARD, SHIRLEY
CYR, THEODORE       Married 1931       GRAY, FLORENCE
CYR, THEODORE       Married 1837       LANDRY, CLARISSE
CYR, THEODORE       Married 1883       LEMIEUX, AGLAE

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