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CYR, SUZANNE       Married 1841       THIBODEAU, FREDERIC
CYR, SUZANNE       Married 1841       THIBODEAU, FREDERICK
CYR, SUZANNE       Married 1841       THIBODEAU, FRÉDÉRIC
CYR, SUZANNE       Married 1906       VIOLETTE, PATRICE
CYR, SUZANNE       Married 1888       VIOLETTE, RICHARD
CYR, SYLVAIN       Married 1853       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, SYLVAIN       Married 1948       CYR, IRÈNE DORIA
CYR, SYLVAIN       Married 1853       RICHARD, VICTOIRE
CYR, SYLVIA       Married 1955       CYR, GERARD
CYR, SYLVIA       Married 1952       SWANSON, BOBBY
CYR, SYLVIE       Married 1973       MORISSETTE, DANIEL
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1930       BEAULIEU, ANAIS
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1925       BEAULIEU, MELANIE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1926       CLAVET, ADELINE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1926       CLAVETTE, ADELINE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1926       CLAVETTE, ADÉLINE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1941       DISY, ALYCE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1931       GAGNON, YVETTE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1955       JACQUES, LOUISE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1926       MICHAUD, MARIE
CYR, SYLVIO       Married 1933       SYLVAIN, IRENE
CYR, SYZANNE       Married 1937       DESJARDINS, TOBIE
CYR, SÉVERINE       Married 1881       ALBERT, THOMAS
CYR, TAMMIE       Married 1980       CLAYTON, KENNETH

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