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CYR, SHARON       Married 1993       YANKOWSKY, DUANE
CYR, SHAWN       Married 1995       CLARK, STEPHANIE
CYR, SHAWN       Married 1986       MCDONALD, STACI
CYR, SHAWN       Married 1998       ZAVALA, MARISELDA
CYR, SHEILA       Married 1983       POULIN, PAUL
CYR, SHEILA       Married 1995       RAYMOND, DWAYNE
CYR, SHEILA       Married 1984       TARDIF, JEAN
CYR, SHELLEY       Married 1989       KIROUAC, BRIAN
CYR, SHELLY       Married 1993       MCGEE, FRANCIS
CYR, SHERRI       Married 1979       CYR, ROBERT
CYR, SHERYL       Married 1985       FLAMENT, GARY
CYR, SHIRLEEN       Married 1983       DIX, GEORGE
CYR, SHIRLEEN       Married 1992       GENDREAU, MICHAEL
CYR, SHIRLEY       Married 1965       ALLEN, ROBERT
CYR, SHIRLEY       Married 1965       ANDERSON, GAYLIN
CYR, SHIRLEY       Married 1955       MATTHEWS, ALFRED
CYR, SHIRLEY       Married 1952       MORROW, IRVING
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1896       CORMIER, NATHALIE
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1909       CYR, LAURIANNE
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1909       CYR, LEONA      
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1930       DAIGLE, AGNES
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1907       DOMPIERRE, FLORIDA
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1868       THIBODEAU, SUZANNE
CYR, SIMEON       Married 1918       VIOLETTE, HELENE

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