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CYR, SARAH       Married 1993       PELLETIER, LESTER
CYR, SARAH       Married 1906       SOUCY, BAPTISTE
CYR, SAUL       Married 1906       NADEAU, SOPHIE
CYR, SCHOLASTIQUE       Married 1833       SARRASIN, LOUIS
CYR, SCHOLASTIQUE       Married 1852       ST AMAND, LOUIS
CYR, SCHOLASTIQUE       Married 1852       ST ARMAND, LOUIS
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1992       BERNIER, PAMELA
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1993       DUPLISEA, JEAN
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1988       ERAMO, CATHERINE
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1989       JOUVER, PHYLLIS
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1988       LADD, JOAN      
CYR, SCOTT       Married 1986       WASSON, MARY
CYR, SECONDE       Married 1868       CYR, CYR      
CYR, SELENE       Married 1918       GAGNON, JOHN
CYR, SEVERINE       Married 1881       ALBERT, THOMAS
CYR, SEVERINE       Married 1886       CYR, JOS      
CYR, SEVERINE       Married 1890       CYR, LEVITE
CYR, SEVERINE       Married 1927       DESJARDINS, VICTOR
CYR, SEVERINE       Married 1881       DEVOST, FREDERIC
CYR, SEVRINE       Married 1916       NOEL, LAZARE
CYR, SHARI       Married 1993       THEBERGE, SHAWN
CYR, SHARON       Married 1985       DAIGLE, BRYAN
CYR, SHARON       Married 1993       TERRY, JACK

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