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CYR, LISA       Married 1855       POUTRE, ALEXIS
CYR, LISA       Married 1993       ROSSIGNOL, LUKE
CYR, LISA       Married 1993       THIBEAULT, GLENN
CYR, LISA       Married 1982       WRIGHT, ELVIN
CYR, LISE       Married 1906       DAIGLE, DOCITE
CYR, LISE       Married 1906       DAIGLE, DOSITHÉ
CYR, LISE       Married 1982       STEWART, RICHARD
CYR, LISE_GILETTE       Married 1824       LE BLANC, EDOUARD
CYR, LITA       Married 1890       VAILLANCOURT, FRANK
CYR, LIZETTE       Married 1825       COLLIN, MARCEL
CYR, LIZETTE       Married 1825       LAHURI COLLIN, MARCELL
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1919       CYR, VITAL      
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1921       DEMPSEY, MILFORD
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1918       DUBOIS, GEORGE
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1907       DUNN, IRVING
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1910       LAVERTUE, EDDY
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1910       MADORE, VINCENT
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1920       MCCAUSLAND, EDWARD
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1913       MCLELLAN, DON
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1925       MERCIER, EMILE
CYR, LIZZIE       Married 1900       MICHAUD, ANTHONY
CYR, LIZZY       Married 1903       ST, PETER      
CYR, LLEWELLYN       Married 1918       GARDNER, EMILY
CYR, LLEWELLYN       Married 1992       ROCRAY, KAREN

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