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CYR, LINDA       Married 1965       HERSEY, RICK
CYR, LINDA       Married 1988       MACKIN, CARROLL
CYR, LINDA       Married 1991       PEDLEY, WILLIAM
CYR, LINDA       Married 1964       SIROIS, GARY
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1966       BEAULIEU, NORMA
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1929       CHARTIER, ALINE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1963       CROTEAU, THERESE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1931       CYR, MARGUERITE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1944       DROUIN, ALIETTE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1935       GOSSELIN, ALMA
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1946       MOREAU, GILBERT
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1935       OUELLETTE, ANNIE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1953       THERIAULT, JEANNINE
CYR, LISA       Married 1990       BUCHANAN, MALCOLM
CYR, LISA       Married 1978       DICKEY, KENNETH
CYR, LISA       Married 1995       FLUECKIGER, JOSEPH
CYR, LISA       Married 1991       FRANKE, CHRISTOPHER
CYR, LISA       Married 1991       GALLANT, MICHAEL
CYR, LISA       Married 1979       GOUDREAU, PAUL
CYR, LISA       Married 1994       HERPIN, DANIEL
CYR, LISA       Married 1989       LAJOIE, RONALD
CYR, LISA       Married 1985       MARTIN, KEVIN
CYR, LISA       Married 1994       NORMAN, PAUL      
CYR, LISA       Married 1985       PERRY, FRANCIS

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