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CYNRIK, LLEWELYN       Married 1328       GRIFFITH, NESTA
CYNRU, JOAN       Married 1464       BOWLES, RALPH
CYNTAM, MILLIE       Married 1797       ANDERSON, WILLIAM
CYNTHA, SINTHA       Married 1820       FOX, NOAH
CYNTHIA, A       Married 1972       SIMPSON, ALEXANDER
CYNTHIA, A       Married 1979       ULMER, THOMAS
CYNTHIA, ANN       Married 1891       GUISINGER, ROBERT
CYNTHIA, ANN       Married 1850       WYNN, FELIX
CYNTHIA, AYNTHIA       Married 1829       PERDUE, ALLEN
CYNTHIA, BRAGG       Married 1871       J, WATERS
CYNTHIA, C       Married 1883       NASH, LYMAN      
CYNTHIA, CINTHA       Married 1828       MCCARTY, JOHN
CYNTHIA, CINTHIA       Married 1869       WILLSON, HEROD
CYNTHIA, CORRINE       Married 1947       ZERLIN, LEONARD
CYNTHIA, D       Married 1993       REMOVAL, UNKNOWN
CYNTHIA, ELIZA       Married 1897       FRAZIER, HENRY
CYNTHIA, G       Married 1988       REMOVAL, UNKNOWN
CYNTHIA, GIBSON       Married 1815       JOEL, JENNINGS
CYNTHIA, HOLCOMB       Married 1801       SHAW, EBENEZER
CYNTHIA, LYNN       Married 1996       ABREU, CHRISTOPHER
CYNTHIA, MAYNARD       Married 1853       JACKSON, IREDELL
CYNTHIA, MRS       Married 1837       TATTON, WILLIAM
CYNTHIA, MRS       Married 1873       THOMPSON, PERCY

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