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CYR, RUBY       Married 1902       GARLOW, JOSH
CYR, RUBY       Married 1921       LOVELAND, JOHN
CYR, RUDOLPH       Married 1951       CYR, ROSE      
CYR, RUDOLPH       Married 1940       DYMENT, BEATRICE
CYR, RUDOLPH       Married 1962       OUELLETTE, ALTHEA
CYR, RUDOLPH       Married 1952       ROY, ESTELLE
CYR, RUDY       Married 1961       GAYTON, ROBERT
CYR, RUSSELL       Married 1956       PLOURDE, GLORIA
CYR, RUSSELL       Married 1947       SMITH, SHIRLEY
CYR, RUTH       Married 1936       HALEY, HAYWARD
CYR, RUTH       Married 1960       KULBACK, STEPHEN
CYR, RUTH       Married 1960       MICHAUD, HENRY
CYR, RUTH       Married 1949       NIGHTENGALE, HERBERT
CYR, RÉGINA       Married 1936       BOIS, RONALD
CYR, RÉGINA       Married 1919       MARTIN, ERNEST
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1855       BEAULIEU THOMAS, OLIVE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1835       BÉRUBÉ, M      
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1852       CYR, OSITHÉE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1907       DAIGLE, ELISE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1880       DIONNE, FEBRONIE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1880       DIONNE, FÉBRONIE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1902       GENDREAU, THECLE
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1835       MARTIN, M      
CYR, RÉMI       Married 1888       MARTIN, MARIE

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