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CYR, ROSE       Married 1818       THERIAULT, SIMON
CYR, ROSE       Married 1907       THIBEDEAU, LOUIS
CYR, ROSE       Married 1929       THIBODEAU, GEORGES
CYR, ROSE       Married 1778       THIBODEAU, OLIVIER
CYR, ROSE       Married 1939       THORNE, HERBERT
CYR, ROSE       Married 1764       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, ROSE       Married 1751       VIGNEAU, JACQUES
CYR, ROSE       Married 1831       VIOLETTE, ROSIMOND
CYR, ROSE       Married 1894       WISEMAN, ROBERT
CYR, ROSE OCITE       Married 1764       HEBERT, JEAN
CYR, ROSEANNA       Married 1917       LAPOINTE, XAVIER
CYR, ROSEANNA       Married 1909       OUELLETTE, MAGLOIRE
CYR, ROSEMARIE       Married 1987       ROBERGE, MICHAEL
CYR, ROSEMARIE       Married 1959       SANDS, JOHN
CYR, ROSEMARY       Married 1994       LOCHMANN, ERIK
CYR, ROSIE       Married 1899       MARQUIS, WILLIE
CYR, ROSINE       Married 1764       HEBERT, JEAN
CYR, ROXANN       Married 1984       AZEREDO, MICHAEL
CYR, ROXINE       Married 1964       MILLER, ROBERT
CYR, ROY       Married 1935       JALBERT, CELINA
CYR, ROY       Married 1951       LAGASSE, MARTHA
CYR, ROY       Married 1982       ROYCROFT, JESSICA
CYR, RUBY       Married 1974       CYR, JOHN
CYR, RUBY       Married 1992       DUGUAY, ARTHUR

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