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CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1919       HUARD, M LOUISE
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1841       MICHAUD, LOUISE
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1864       MOREAU, MARY
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1864       MORROW, MARY
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1836       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1933       BEAUDIN, AURORE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1932       COGHLAN, YVONNE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1929       DUBOIS, JEANNE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1923       GAGNON, MARIE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1939       GENDREAU, PAULA
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1955       GENDREAU, YVONNE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1947       LACHANCE, FERNANDE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1934       MURRAY, BERNICE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1940       RICHARDS, CECILE
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1935       RINGUETTE, HELENA
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1941       THIBEAULT, ANNA
CYR, ROMUALD       Married 1877       GAUVIN, MARIE
CYR, ROMÉO       Married 1940       FOURNIER, LAURETTE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1957       BEAULIEU, HERMANCE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1963       BOUCHARD, GERALDINE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1964       BRESCIA, LOUISE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1985       DOUCETTE, JOYCE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1985       HALE, SANDRA
CYR, RONALD       Married 1966       HAMILTON, CAROLE

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