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CYR, LENA       Married 1941       GUERRETTE, ADRIEN
CYR, LENA       Married 1906       HUNT, WILLIAM
CYR, LENA       Married 1942       IRELAND, FOREST
CYR, LENA       Married 1893       KING, CHARLES
CYR, LENA       Married 1920       LEVESQUE, DENNIS
CYR, LENA       Married 1929       PARENT, WILLIE
CYR, LENA       Married 1923       ROSS, WILLIAM
CYR, LENA       Married 1929       SARLABOUS, ALBERT
CYR, LENA       Married 1959       THIBODEAU, ALFRED
CYR, LENNY       Married 1992       KITTRIDGE, ELIZABETH
CYR, LENORA       Married 1921       LOVELAND, JOHN
CYR, LEO       Married 1946       APRIL, REINE
CYR, LEO       Married 1947       AUGER, LEONA      
CYR, LEO       Married 1950       BENEDIX, GERALDINE
CYR, LEO       Married 1987       BOUCHARD, SHARON
CYR, LEO       Married 1928       BURKE, MARY      
CYR, LEO       Married 1955       CARIGNAN, MARIE
CYR, LEO       Married 1948       CORRIVEAU, GRACE
CYR, LEO       Married 1962       CYR, CARLINE      
CYR, LEO       Married 1984       CYR, CONNIE
CYR, LEO       Married 1947       CYR, DOLORES      
CYR, LEO       Married 1942       CYR, EVELYN      
CYR, LEO       Married 1938       DOUCETTE, ALICE
CYR, LEO       Married 1940       DOUCETTE, LORETTA

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