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CYR, LEANDRE       Married 1946       PERRON, HÉLÈNE
CYR, LEANDRE_PIERRE       Married 1820       GAUDET, ANNE
CYR, LEANDRE_PIERRE       Married 1842       VIGNEAU, MARIE
CYR, LEANNA       Married 1893       BOUCHARD, VITAL
CYR, LEANNA       Married 1901       BURBE, FRED
CYR, LEANNA       Married 1919       LEBRUN, ADELARD
CYR, LEDA       Married 1885       DURETTE, JEAN
CYR, LEE       Married 1935       CHARTIER, CLAYTON
CYR, LEE       Married 1994       CONLEY, WENDY      
CYR, LEE       Married 1979       CYR, MICHELLE      
CYR, LEE       Married 1943       DIONNE, GERALDINE
CYR, LEE       Married 1995       POPE, JILL       in
CYR, LEE       Married 1955       ZENGER, WENDEL
CYR, LEGAR       Married 1940       BOWSER, NELDA
CYR, LELAND       Married 1966       ROYAL, DONNA
CYR, LELANE       Married 1961       WRIGHT, NANCY
CYR, LELIA       Married 1922       LEBLANC, LOUIS
CYR, LENA       Married 1923       BANKS, LAFAYETTE
CYR, LENA       Married 1911       BEAN, HENRY      
CYR, LENA       Married 1917       CAMPBELL, CARROLL
CYR, LENA       Married 1940       CANTARA, MARC
CYR, LENA       Married 1921       CLEARY, JAMES
CYR, LENA       Married 1986       CYR, MICHAEL

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