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CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1952       DUMAIS, PRISCILLA
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1993       DUNN, DAWN
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1941       DURETTE, AGNES
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1982       HANKS, ROBIN
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1917       KEARNEY, BEULAH
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1986       KERNS, ANGELA
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1955       LYONS, DONNA
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1934       PHILIPPON, OREANA
CYR, LAWRENCE       Married 1940       SPAULDING, ARLINE
CYR, LAZARE       Married 1862       FOURNIER, MARGUERITE
CYR, LEA       Married 1885       ALBERT, ANGUS
CYR, LEA       Married 1900       ALBERT, MAXIME
CYR, LEA       Married 1900       ALBERT, MAXIURE
CYR, LEA       Married 1893       BOUCHARD, VITAL
CYR, LEA       Married 1872       CLAVETTE, MAGLOIRE
CYR, LEA       Married 1904       CYR, PAUL       in
CYR, LEA       Married 1921       LEBLANC, JOSEPH
CYR, LEA       Married 1914       LEVESQUE, ALFONSE
CYR, LEA       Married 1899       NADEAU, DOCITHE
CYR, LEA       Married 1885       OUELLETTE, VITAL
CYR, LEA       Married 1895       ROBERGE, LOUIS
CYR, LEANDRE       Married 1817       BOUDREAU, MARGUERITE
CYR, LEANDRE       Married 1911       DUMONT, MELANIE
CYR, LEANDRE       Married 1820       GAUDET, ANNE

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