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CYR, ROBERT       Married 1978       SIMMONS, ELIZABETH
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1990       SMALL, LYNN
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1961       THERIAULT, SYLVIA
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1991       TRUELOVE, JULIE
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1993       WHITMAN, LEIGH
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1961       WOOD, BARBARA
CYR, ROBERTA       Married 1979       THIBODEAU, NORMAND
CYR, ROBERTINE       Married 1955       BOIVIN, ROBERT
CYR, ROBERTINE       Married 1958       REED, STEPHEN
CYR, ROBERY       Married 1972       CYR, RHONDA
CYR, ROBIN       Married 1989       CYR, ANDREW      
CYR, ROBIN       Married 1988       DOYON, DANIEL
CYR, ROBIN       Married 1984       LAILER, MICHAEL
CYR, ROBIN       Married 1994       MICHAUD, GERALD
CYR, ROBIN       Married 1994       MOREAU, ROBERT
CYR, ROCHELE       Married 1991       HARGRAVE, HARVEY
CYR, ROCHELLE       Married 1957       CURRIE, WENDELL
CYR, ROCK       Married 1935       PELLETIER, LEDA
CYR, RODERICK       Married 1960       BICKFORD, CYNTHIA
CYR, RODERICK       Married 1984       CAIN, CANDACE
CYR, RODERICK       Married 1963       GAGNON, CECILE
CYR, RODERICK       Married 1981       LYLE, GAY
CYR, RODIA       Married 1910       PLOUFFE, JULES
CYR, RODIAS       Married 1920       LEFEBVRE, DORA

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