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CYR, RONALD       Married 1997       PEREZ, CYNTHIA
CYR, RONALD       Married 1965       RAFFERTY, KAREN
CYR, RONALD       Married 1977       RAYMOND, LORRIE
CYR, RONALD       Married 1993       SIMON, JUDITH
CYR, RONALD       Married 1978       SMITH, MYRNA
CYR, RONALD       Married 1985       WAYNE, PAMELA
CYR, RONALDO       Married 1986       PELLETIER, MARIE
CYR, RONALDO       Married 1940       ST, PETER      
CYR, ROSA       Married 1894       COTA, EDWARD      
CYR, ROSA       Married 1928       DUGUAY, AUGUSTINE
CYR, ROSA       Married 1921       GUERRETTE, CYRILLE
CYR, ROSA       Married 1920       LYNCH, JAMES
CYR, ROSA       Married 1924       PERRIER, OSCAR
CYR, ROSAIRE       Married 1936       CHASSE, ALMA
CYR, ROSAIRE       Married 1943       GENDREAU, GERMAINE
CYR, ROSAIRE       Married 1980       LEPAGE, TERESA
CYR, ROSAIRE       Married 1950       MONAHAN, MONA
CYR, ROSAIRE       Married 1948       ST, AMANT      
CYR, ROSALDA       Married 1952       BAILLARGEON, LUCIEN
CYR, ROSALIE       Married 1812       ALBERT, ANSELME
CYR, ROSALIE       Married 1887       CAISSY, FELIX
CYR, ROSALIE       Married 1890       COUTU, GEORGE
CYR, ROSALIE       Married 1814       FORGET, PIERRE
CYR, ROSALIE       Married 1828       GERVAIS, JOSEPH

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