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CYR, ROLAND       Married 1951       MARSELLO, ANGELA
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1992       MATHIEU, LOUISE
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1965       MCALEER, JUDITH
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1945       MORIN, THERESA
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1946       PELLETIER, LUCILLE
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1984       SPRAGUE, MARILYN
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1960       ST, JOHN      
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1941       STEELE, MABEL
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1957       THIBEAULT, RENA
CYR, ROLANDE       Married 1960       GERVAIS, RONALD
CYR, ROLANDE       Married 1992       HANDY, TERRY
CYR, ROLANDE       Married 1952       JALBERT, ROBERT
CYR, ROLANDE       Married 1950       LAPLANTE, PAUL
CYR, ROLLAND       Married 1957       BROCHU, FRANCOISE
CYR, ROLLAND       Married 1957       COTE, GALE
CYR, ROLLAND       Married 1943       TURCOTTE, CLOTILDE
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1836       CYR, MARIE      
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1919       HUARD, M LOUISE
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1841       MICHAUD, LOUISE
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1864       MOREAU, MARY
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1864       MORROW, MARY
CYR, ROMAIN       Married 1836       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, ROMEO       Married 1933       BEAUDIN, AURORE

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