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CYR, RODRICK       Married 1994       MARTIN, AUDREY
CYR, RODRIQUE       Married 1978       GERVAIS, DANIELLE
CYR, ROGER       Married 1978       BABCOCK, RONDA
CYR, ROGER       Married 1956       BOURQUE, MARLENE
CYR, ROGER       Married 1950       FATZ, MARY      
CYR, ROGER       Married 1955       GERVAIS, RITA
CYR, ROGER       Married 1983       LAVOIE, TINA
CYR, ROGER       Married 1960       LEVESQUE, GERALDA
CYR, ROGER       Married 1942       MICHAUD, CECILE
CYR, ROGER       Married 1962       NADEAU, CONSTANCE
CYR, ROGER       Married 1990       ROY, CAROL      
CYR, ROGER       Married 1982       SAUCIER, MILDRED
CYR, ROGER       Married 1998       SMITH, DEBORAH
CYR, ROGER       Married 1962       THAUVETTE, YOLANDE
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1957       BOURGET, LILLIAN
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1952       BRAULT, RITA
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1978       COLLINS, NANCY
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1984       COOLEDGE, KATHLEEN
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1994       DELONG, KIMBERLEY
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1942       DUBAY, MARIE
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1937       GIGUERE, REGINA
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1968       HUNEAULT, THERESE
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1988       KIDD, MARTHA
CYR, ROLAND       Married 1958       LACHANCE, GABRIELLE

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