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CYR, KATE       Married 1914       CYR, JOSEPH      
CYR, KATHERINE       Married 1990       GLAVIN, CHARLES
CYR, KATHERINE       Married 1985       PALMER, MATTHEW
CYR, KATHERINE       Married 1943       PERKINS, STANLEY
CYR, KATHERINE       Married 1979       WEYMOUTH, ROBERT
CYR, KATHLEEN       Married 1962       COTE, PATRICK
CYR, KATHLEEN       Married 1991       O'ROAK, JEFFREY
CYR, KATHLEEN       Married 1995       VOTER, PATRICK
CYR, KATHLEEN       Married 2000       WHITSON, CHAD
CYR, KATHRYN       Married 1969       CYR, JAYSON
CYR, KATHRYN       Married 1910       GUIMONT, OLIVER
CYR, KATHRYN       Married 1993       WARREN, DANNY
CYR, KATHY       Married 1976       FRANKLIN, MICHAEL
CYR, KATIE       Married 1903       THIBIDEAU, JR
CYR, KATTRYN       Married 1981       CYR, CRAIG
CYR, KEEFE       Married 1989       POMEROY, RENEE
CYR, KEITH       Married 1994       MAXWELL, WANDA
CYR, KEITH       Married 1990       ROBINSON, AMBER
CYR, KELLEY       Married 1994       CRAIG, ELLEN
CYR, KELLY       Married 1997       BRANTLY, BENJAMIN
CYR, KELLY       Married 1992       CYR, KENNETH
CYR, KELLY       Married 1992       DOWNS, DAVID
CYR, KELLY       Married 1990       LEVESQUE, STEVEN
CYR, KENNETH       Married 1992       CARRABBA, KELLY

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