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CYR, PRISCILLA       Married 1946       HENNESSEY, JR
CYR, PRISCILLA       Married 1941       MARTIN, ARMAND
CYR, PRISCILLA       Married 1954       VEILLEUX, JEAN
CYR, PRISCILLE       Married 1936       ALLEN, WILLIE
CYR, PRISCILLE       Married 1941       LAROCHELLE, PAUL
CYR, PROSPER       Married 1841       BIRON, EMILIE
CYR, PROSPER       Married 1853       BOUDREAU, MARIE
CYR, PÉLAGIE       Married 1822       SOUCY, CÉLESTIN
CYR, R       Married 1920       BERGERON, ARTHUR
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1994       KATZ, STEPHEN
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1978       LACH, GEORGE
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1941       LAJESSE, LEVI
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1994       LAPOINTE, PETER
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1985       NADEAU, DANNY
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1953       OUELLETTE, NORMAN
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1951       PLUMMER, JR
CYR, RACHEL       Married 1948       SCHWARTZ, THOMAS
CYR, RACUL       Married 1929       DONNELLY, MARGARET
CYR, RALPH       Married 1947       BECKETT, CLARICE
CYR, RALPH       Married 1963       BROWN, RUTH      
CYR, RALPH       Married 1928       DOW, HAZEL      
CYR, RALPH       Married 1961       FRECHETTE, ANNETTE
CYR, RALPH       Married 1936       LAFRANCE, AMELIA

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