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CYR, RITA       Married 1947       BERNIER, RENE
CYR, RITA       Married 1954       BROWN, HUBERT
CYR, RITA       Married 1954       CYR, LEONARD      
CYR, RITA       Married 1944       DEPREY, ALYRE
CYR, RITA       Married 1984       DUMOND, DAVID
CYR, RITA       Married 1974       ELDREDGE, R
CYR, RITA       Married 1986       FLOYD, DELBERT
CYR, RITA       Married 1982       GIBBONS, ROBERT
CYR, RITA       Married 1958       HALL, THURSTON
CYR, RITA       Married 1973       HALL, THURSTON
CYR, RITA       Married 1953       LACHANCE, JOSEPH
CYR, RITA       Married 1945       LANGLAIS, CLAYTON
CYR, RITA       Married 1952       TARGETT, EDWIN
CYR, ROANN       Married 1984       ANDERSON, MARK
CYR, ROANN       Married 1991       SULAK, CALVIN
CYR, ROBBY       Married 1986       WELCH, HEATHER
CYR, ROBER       Married 1947       WHITMORE, GLADYS
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1960       ALEXANDER, RACHEL
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1929       AYOTTE, ANTOINETTE
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1963       BINETTE, LORRAINE
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1986       BOSSIE, ROSANNE
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1995       BOTELLO, LAETICIA
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1927       BOUCHARD, ROSELLA
CYR, ROBERT       Married 1966       BOWMAN, ELEANOR

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