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CYR, RENE       Married 1931       CHAMBERLAND, WILANNA
CYR, RENE       Married 1831       DEROME, SOPHIE
CYR, RENE       Married 1936       LAPOINTE, ROSE
CYR, RENE       Married 1921       LIZOTTE, LOUISE
CYR, RENE       Married 1994       REGNIER, ROLANDE
CYR, RENE       Married 1920       THERIAULT, MARIE
CYR, RENEE       Married 1995       DEVOE, TIMOTHY
CYR, RENEE       Married 1994       HARRIMAN, MATTHEW
CYR, RENEE       Married 1934       LEVESQUE, ANNETTE
CYR, RENIE       Married 1907       DAIGLE, ELISE
CYR, RENIE       Married 1902       GENDROS, LALEQUE
CYR, RENIS       Married 1958       CYR, JOAN      
CYR, RENNIE       Married 1892       DAIGLE, PHILOMENE
CYR, RENNIE       Married 1925       RINGUETTE, ALMA
CYR, RENO       Married 1992       CROTEAU, MICHELLE
CYR, RENO       Married 1966       GIROUARD, CLAIRE
CYR, RENO       Married 1982       MORNEAULT, LINDA
CYR, RENO       Married 1961       OUELLETTE, VIOLA
CYR, RENY       Married 1921       BLANCHETTE, IDA
CYR, RENÉ       Married 0012       BRETON, SIMONE
CYR, RENÉ       Married 1920       THERIAULT, MARIE
CYR, REOLA       Married 1954       CONLEY, RICHARD
CYR, RHONDA       Married 1980       BOURGOIN, GARY
CYR, RHONDA       Married 1972       CYR, ROBERT

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