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CYR, REGIS       Married 1905       BOUCHARD, MARIE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1863       CYR, DEMERISE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1904       CYR, FLAVIE      
CYR, REGIS       Married 1862       JALBERT, SOPHIE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1879       LAPOINTE, HELENE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1866       MARTIN, ELODIE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1829       MARTIN, EUPHROSINE
CYR, REINE       Married 1914       CORMIER, JOSEPH
CYR, REINE       Married 1964       LEVESQUE, ALBERT
CYR, REINE       Married 1808       THERIAULT, LAURENT
CYR, REJEANNE       Married 1949       COTE, EMILIEN
CYR, RELLA       Married 1943       THERIAULT, EUCLIDE
CYR, REMI       Married 1855       BEAULIEU, OLIVE
CYR, REMI       Married 1854       BERUBE, LOUISE
CYR, REMI       Married 1897       CYR, MARGUERITE
CYR, REMI       Married 1853       CYR, MODESTE      
CYR, REMI       Married 1852       CYR, OSITHE      
CYR, REMI       Married 1852       CYR, OSITHÉE
CYR, REMI       Married 1907       DAIGLE, ELISE
CYR, REMI       Married 1900       DAIGLE, MARIE
CYR, REMI       Married 1892       DAIGLE, PHILOMENE
CYR, REMI       Married 1934       DESROSIER, MARIE
CYR, REMI       Married 1880       DIONNE, FEBRONIE
CYR, REMI       Married 1829       DRAPEAU, SARAH

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