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CYR, RAYMOND       Married 2000       REAGAN, GAY
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1958       ROBINSON, EVA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1958       ROQUE, ANITA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1958       ROQUE, MARLENE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1949       ROY, THERESE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1966       ST, AMAND      
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1997       WRIGHT, LISA
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1977       BOLDUC, DARRYL
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1982       BREEDEN, JAMES
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1880       DUBE, REMI
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1919       FAUCHER, JOSEPH
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1952       GALLOP, LAWRENCE
CYR, REBECCA       Married 1984       SWITZER, JONES
CYR, REGINA       Married 1936       BOIS, RONALD
CYR, REGINA       Married 1934       CHENIER, AMBROISE
CYR, REGINA       Married 1937       COOK, ANTHONY
CYR, REGINA       Married 1919       MARTIN, ERNEST
CYR, REGINA       Married 1928       TAGGETT, DONALD
CYR, REGINALD       Married 1938       BUREAU, CECILE
CYR, REGINALD       Married 1953       DREW, DONNA
CYR, REGINALD       Married 1946       ROUSSEL, LUCILLE
CYR, REGINALD       Married 1953       TARDIF, CLAIRE
CYR, REGIS       Married 1897       BEAULIEU, ANNA

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