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CYR, RANDALL       Married 1990       GRASS, LAURIE
CYR, RANDALL       Married 1981       HENDERSON, DARLENE
CYR, RANDOLPH       Married 1959       HOSLEY, ROBERTA
CYR, RANDOLPH       Married 1987       LOVING, DANA
CYR, RANDY       Married 1979       DWYER, THERESA
CYR, RANDY       Married 1992       GIORDANO, GEMMA
CYR, RAOUL       Married 1946       CASTONGUAY, RITA
CYR, RAOUL       Married 1978       DESJARDINS, LEONE
CYR, RAOUL       Married 1948       DUBE, SIMONE
CYR, RAOUL       Married 1935       HEBERT, EMELIA
CYR, RAOUL       Married 1935       HEBERT, MARIE
CYR, RAPHAEL       Married 1952       ROY, ESTHER
CYR, RAY       Married 1933       HOLTGREN, VADELL
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1953       COUTURE, NOELLA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1981       CYR, ANGELA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1854       CYR, NATHALIE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1983       DELCOURT, YOLANDE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1981       DONNELL, ANGELA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1979       GUERRETTE, MARLENE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1953       LABBE, NORMA
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1947       LANG, LILIANNE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1956       LEDGER, DOLORES
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1840       MERCURE, MODESTE
CYR, RAYMOND       Married 1978       OUELLETTE, MARIETTE

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