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CYR, PETER       Married 1989       TORNOW, ELSIE
CYR, PETER       Married 1991       WHEELER, EVA
CYR, PHEBEE       Married 1830       GREGOIRE, JEAN BAPTISTE
CYR, PHEBRENIE       Married 1909       OAKES, CHARLES
CYR, PHELEY       Married 1895       SIROIS, WILLIE
CYR, PHELIDA       Married 1882       BOUCHARD, BARTHELMY
CYR, PHELIDA       Married 1882       BOUCHARD, BERTHELMY
CYR, PHELINE       Married 1894       SIROIS, ARTHUR
CYR, PHELONISE       Married 1883       BOLTON, HENRY
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1904       BERGERON, MARGUERITE
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1886       CADORET, EMMA
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1924       CÃOTÂE, EMILIA
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1924       CÔTÉ, ÉMILIA
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1893       DUPLISSIS, MARY
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1921       HICKEY, MILDRED
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1920       LANGLAIS, CLAUDIA
CYR, PHILIAS       Married 1920       LANGLAIS, MARIE
CYR, PHILIAUS       Married 1919       BRULOTTE, AURORE
CYR, PHILIBERT       Married 1824       LAURIN, MARIE
CYR, PHILIP       Married 1946       AUBIN, MARIETTE
CYR, PHILIP       Married 1989       BASTIEN, GINETTE
CYR, PHILIP       Married 1983       CYR, JOY
CYR, PHILIP       Married 1945       DIONNE, ALICE
CYR, PHILIP       Married 1956       GAGNON, ALEXINA

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