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CYR, JOHN       Married 1966       WALKER, JANE      
CYR, JOHN       Married 1916       WATERHOUSE, GRACE
CYR, JOHN       Married 1988       WHALEY, DONNA
CYR, JOHN       Married 1977       WHEELDEN, CATHERINE
CYR, JOHN       Married 1965       WHITE, JULIETTE
CYR, JOHN       Married 1949       WHITMORE, MARION
CYR, JOHNNIE       Married 1907       CORBIN, ANNIE
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1907       CORBIN, ANNIE
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1914       CYR, MARTHA
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1913       CYR, SOPHIE
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1909       PLUDE, ROSIE
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1992       TAYLOR, KENDRA
CYR, JOHNNY       Married 1892       VERMETTE, MÉLANIE
CYR, JOHNY       Married 1909       CARON, DOMETILDE
CYR, JOS       Married 1886       CYR, SEVERINE      
CYR, JOS       Married 1994       HEBERT, LAURIE
CYR, JOS       Married 1758       TIBODO, MARBLAN
CYR, JOSE       Married 1824       MARTIN, VICTOIRE
CYR, JOSEE       Married 1831       MARTIN, FREDERIC
CYR, JOSEPH       Married 1939       ALBERT, DORILDA
CYR, JOSEPH       Married 1993       ALBERT, JACQUELINE
CYR, JOSEPH       Married 1894       ALLARD, FANNIE
CYR, JOSEPH       Married 1885       ALLARD, MARIE

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