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CYR, OMER       Married 1940       LAGASSE, BEATRICE
CYR, OMER       Married 1929       MORISSETTE, ADÉLIA
CYR, OMER       Married 1935       PELLETIER, TERESE
CYR, OMER       Married 1936       PELLETIER, THERESE
CYR, OMER       Married 1934       VIOLETTE, EMILIE
CYR, OMERINE       Married 1957       SOWINSKI, RICHARD
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1964       BOSSE, ALICE
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1934       CYR, ISABELLE
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1936       DURGIN, MARTHA
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1938       LAPOINTE, ELAINE
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1938       LAPOINTE, LEANA
CYR, ONEIL       Married 1934       MADORE, LILLIAN
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1977       BECHARD, EDMOND
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1905       BERNIER, DEMERISE
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1878       BOURGUOIN, CHRISTINE
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1889       DAIGLE, DELPHINE
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1928       KING, RUBY
CYR, ONESIME       Married 1917       ROSSIGNOL, EVA
CYR, ONEZIME       Married 1878       BOURGOIN, CHRISTINE
CYR, ONEZIME       Married 1906       POITRAS, ANGELIQUE
CYR, ONÉSIME       Married 1905       BERNARD, DÉMERISE
CYR, ONÉSIME       Married 1880       CARRIÈRE, MARIE
CYR, ONÉSIME       Married 1889       DAIGLE, DELPHINE
CYR, ONÉSIME       Married 1917       ROSSIGNOL, EVA

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